The Photojournalism Hub is a not for profit community group that promotes, advances and provides training in high quality photojournalism to empower, advocate and create positive impact in individuals and communities’ lives

We showcase and engage local and international audiences to important contemporary social justice topics through photography exhibitions in the genre of photojournalism, online investigative in-depth visual and written content, debates, community led forums, training and in-depth cross platform research.

The Photojournalism Hub  provides industry led training in photojournalism and it has  also developed a program called Citizen Visual Journalism that trains local community groups and individuals to raise their own social justice issues through high quality images and it helps them to address these to people that can make policy change.

The activities of the Photojournalism Hub focus on bringing together communities, advocates, researchers, journalists, photojournalists, criminal justice teams, and all those interested in  the advancement of fair and independent journalism to raise awareness, advocate and deliver recommendations on today’s national and international social justice issues.

Anti Fascism Demo in Whitehall, London.


Our mission is to generate concrete positive outcomes for vulnerable communities and individuals through the tool of photojournalism, whilst supporting the development and the dissemination of photojournalism  work.


Our vision is  to establish a worldwide photojournalism centre that promotes, develops and supports photojournalism work with the objective of generating positive and concrete impact.




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