Photojournalism courses for young people

The Photojournalism Hub offers Photojournalism Courses and Workshops for young people.  These are practical courses training young people to develop photo stories on topics that they wish to explore and tell.  Young people learn how to recognise, access and tell stories through photo stories, videos, audio and their use to bring about social change.  Photojournalism is a powerful medium. It can foster and leverage positive changes and it can empower people and communities. I am pleased for the opportunity to teach this to young people who  benefit from visual communication, self expression and engagement both on a personal and social  level.

Below are some photos from our current Photojournalism Course working with young people in Hammersmith and Fulham. These are kindly supported by Hammersmith and Fulham borough.

Exploring ideas to work on in photo stories
Exploring thoughts on/around the local area with young people
Working on editing and sequencing in a photo story.
A session with young Somali learning to edit a photo story.



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