What it is like to be a young person in Wormholt and White City?

©Cinzia D’Ambrosi

We invite young people(16+) living in White City and Wormholt area in west London to be part of a Youth Arts Showcase.

Participants to the project will explore the theme ‘What is like to be a young person in White City and Wormholt’ using documentary photography, including writings and audio to create a series of photographs to be shown in a Photography exhibition.

The project will consist of 6 photography workshop sessions in which participants will develop key documentary photography skills. Each session will progressively guide participants to learn about documentary photography, develop their photo story and produce an exhibition set of photographs, as part of their photo stories. Core elements of the sessions are:

  • What is Documentary Photography?
  • Learn approaches and methods in producing a photo-story, images sequencing versus single image.
  • Explore how to express emotion through photographs through the use of photography techniques.
  • One to one mentoring focusing on development of the work produced
  • Collective appraisal.
  • Editing and curative decisions for the exhibition.

The sessions are Free, however registration is essential. Please book a place HERE

The project is kindly supported by W12Together

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