Photography Summer School

intensive professional Photography Summer School for those aspiring to make Photography their career.

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Photojournalism Hub is offering a Summer Photography Course, open to those interested in making Photography into a career, developing their skills and/or developing a photography portfolio.

Over 6 weeks, you will be building your skills as a photographer by taking on real assignments, learning to edit, and creating a gallery of images ready to sell.

Taught by industry professionals with expert guest speakers, the course will be structured:

  • Introduction to Photography: camera skills and techniques
  • Exploring various narrative methodologies and photography genres
  • Planning a Photography project and Field Assignment
  • Learn to prepare and edit a photo story or series to be published
  • Hands- on field Assignment (day 2)
  • Development of your portfolio and critique from your tutor, including exploring and setting up photographs to sell or to pitch


On day one you will be learning Basic Photography Skills. You will be exploring different depth of fields and camera settings through practical exercises. Furthermore, you will be exploring different lighting through portraiture. The goal is to learn how to achieve a good exposed photo and how to shoot in a variety of environments and exploring different compositions.


On day two, you will be learning about different visual narratives that can be used in your storytelling through a number of visual photo stories examples. Following that, you will be working on producing sets of images according to different visual narratives. You will be working in groups and individually to also explore feature photography.


On day three, you will be given a photography brief that will allow you to work on a set of images within a work, field environment. You will receive guidance and support in accessing people, environments in order for you to work on your brief. Group critique.


Learn about the essential skills required for editing your work and making it ready to be published. You will learn how to process, edit a photo, enhance your photos, create a gallery of images and/or a photo story to be published online.


On day five, you will be working on a field assignment and street photography. You will learn how to recognise a decisive moment, how to be comfortable to take photos in the streets. You will learn how to develop a photo story and accordingly learn about which images you will need for your story.


On the last day of the course will look at Portfolio building , workflow and how to be starting/developing your own photography business, including getting your photos on a commercial site ready to sell. Furthermore, you will receive an individual critique of your photographs.

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