Understanding/Preventing Hate & Prejudice Photography Workshop

Photo: Cinzia D’Ambrosi

Understanding and Preventing Hate and Prejudice Photography Workshop course has been designed for communities and individuals who work with those most at risk of being the victims of hate and prejudice crime. It may be of particular value to journalists, photographers, staff and volunteers from faith and community organisations, local authorities and other public bodies.

The course is also designed to support communities and groups affected by long standing conflicts where mutual understanding and resolutions are key to peaceful living.

The course can be delivered as a short course over 2 hours or as a more in-depth practical course over 6 weeks. It covers: 

  • The impact of hate and prejudice crime on victims, witnesses, and communities
  • The importance of reporting
  • Getting to know the Other through photography and writing
  • Photography as a form of Resolution
  • How to report and support victims of prejudice and hate crimes
  • How to prevent hate and prejudice crimes

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