Photojournalism and Movements of Activism and Protest Today

The Invention Rooms
68 Wood Lane
W12 7TA

16th December 2019 18:30 – 20:30

©Talia Woodin

Exploring today’s form of rebellion, resilience and resistance through photojournalism.

Part of a series of talk events exploring photojournalism as a tool of activism, the Photojournalism Hub presents three photographers whose work is currently actively engaged with documenting and raising awareness of climate change, food waste, women’s rights and forms of protest and resilience.

Angela Christofilou, is half English, half Greek actor, voice artist, photographer and singer/songwriter (Field Trip to the Moon band) living in London. Self taught, she first experimented with street photography in the US while on a theatre tour and then began documenting protests at the end of 2015. She mainly focuses on street, social documentary and protest photography and is often covering major protests for the Independent Angela’s protest photography over the years is currently being archived at the Bishopsgate Institute.

Chris King, is a documentary and portrait photographer and video producer, whose work focuses on the food system. He has documented the issue of food waste for several years, and is now starting an initiative called Documenting Climate Change that aims to mobilise, support and train documentary storytellers of all disciplines to create more engaging, impactful stories on the issue of climate change.

Talia Woodin, is a photographer , activist and works full time as media and messaging coordinator for Extinction Rebellion Youth. Since October 2018, Talia has worked as a photographer for Extinction Rebellion, whom regularly features her work.

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Photojournalism and Activism in Today’s Forms of Resistance

The Invention Rooms
68 Wood Lane
W12 7TA

19th November 2019 18:30 – 20:30

©Vindhya Buthpitiya

Exploring today’s form of rebellion, resilience and resistance through photojournalism.

Part of a series of talk events exploring photojournalism as a tool of activism in today’s movements and forms of resistance, resilience and rebellion, the Photojournalism Hub present four guest speakers whose work bring testimony and engagement to current moments and events of fortitude and activism.

Alice Marcelino is a London based photographer, born in Luanda, Angola, moved to Portugal at a very early age. She experienced and explored various art forms, from dance to theatre, until adopting photography as her main form of expression. Her images and photo stories explore concepts of identity and sub-cultures, and their meaning in our globalised world.

Pierre Alozie is a Franco-Nigerian photojournalist based in London, whose work spans years covering social, political, cultural issues including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Velvet Revolution and Kosovo war.

Vindhya Buthpitiya is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at University College London researching the interweaving of conflict, popular photographic practices and political articulation among the Northern Tamil community in postwar Sri Lanka.

Zainab Ravat is a geography graduate who last year won first place in the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG ) Social and Cultural Geography Research Group Dissertation Prize for her dissertation entitled ‘Photojournalism: Explorations into the Geographical Witness, Activist and Traveller’.

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Women Photographers Perspectives on Mental Well-being

The Invention Rooms
68 Wood Lane
W12 7TA

08th October 2019 18:30 – 21:00

How does ethnicity, culture, gender determine the responses and the services experienced?

Three women photographers present their powerful projects on mental well-being opening a discussion on race, austerity, marginalisation and immigration.

Marie Smith presents Whispering for help, a series which consists of annotated portrait project with women of colour aged 18 years and above. The project involves recording women of colour experience with mental health, a mixture of black and white film portraits and hand written texts by the sitter. This project will seek to create a series that explores experiences of mental health services in UK as well as providing a platform for dialogue to dismantle the stigma of mental health in BAME communities.

Nieves Mingueza presents The malady of Suzanne, a poetic documentary project. By combining found archives with her own photography work in Vietnam, she is exploring the story of a Vietnamese female with mental issues in 70’s London. This is an on-going project about the complex relationship between memory, immigration, mental health and human conflicts.

Sue Shorvon, her photo artwork aims to encourage self-exploration of people’s perceptions and assumptions, as a way forward to destigmatizing mental illness in society.

– If people like the music, they will listen to the words.”

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Today’s Youth Crime and Violence

The Invention Rooms 68 Wood Lane W12 7TA

17th September 2019 18:30 – 21:00
©Robin Friend

Perspectives on the current narrative surrounding youth crime and violence.

A talk event bringing a committed and compassionate team sharing their experiences, insights and expertise working on the issue of violence and youths. Followed by a discussion on current narratives and the often unreported existing reality of youths living in the capital. What can we learn from the direct experience and insight of those working on reporting youth and violence in the capital? Guest Speakers:Raheel Butt, director and founder of Community and Rehabilitation Solutions. Raheel is an ex-gang member who has experienced violence since young age: groomed, gangs, racial abuse, radicalisation. In a catalyst moment in prison, he changed his life around and he has since been working with communities to reduce the risk and associated harms of crime and violence by working with those most at risk of involvement. Dr. Roger Grimshaw, Research Director at the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, Roger has been responsible for a wide range of research studies on criminological and social welfare topics. Robin Friend, photographer, working on a project that explores the knife epidemic and unprecedented level of youth violence that is taking place across London. Robin is focusing on real life testimonies, bringing in analysis of causes for this issue as well as reporting on the positive stories from the work of many charities working on this issue. Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, is an investigative reporter and editor working on a range of subjects including: immigration detention, migrants’ rights, mental health, access to legal aid, social housing and gender inequality. She co-edits Shine A Light, an award-winning investigative journalism & storytelling platform on and is writer-in-residence at Lacuna, a human rights magazine. 

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Knowing You is a photography project working with women of different faiths and backgrounds to inspire bonding, creativity and community cohesion.

‘Knowing You’ is a photography and community project that aims to erase barriers, foster cohesion, acceptance and creativity using photography and storytelling to produce photostories based on the participants.  The first ‘Knowing You’ project took place with women of White City and it culminated in the creation of powerful stories and photographs collected in a Knowing You photo book

The Knowing You project is among the 40 selected projects ‘deemed exceptional’ and has received a Recognised Award from the Faith & Belief Forum  and Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Greater London’s Council on Faith for having provided support, respite and are working to make London a city that is inclusive to everyone and continuing to do so despite the challenges posed by the current pandemic.

Photojournalism Hub will be running a women photography project ‘Knowing You-2’ starting on the 13th March 2021 (to be confirmed).

We invite women living in London W12 to express their interest in joining in this wonderful free project by contacting

The project is kindly supported by the National Lottery

Picturing Community Engagement

White City Place 
201 Wood Lane W12 7FQ 

12th April  2019 18:30 – 21:00

©Cinzia D’Ambrosi

A panel composed of leading charity organisations and photographers who have made participation and collaboration inherent to their visual practice will discuss their current participatory projects and explore future possibilities.

Andy Fearn, Direct.or & co-founder of, runs the Outreach and Learning programme working with schools, young people, marginalised communities, decision shapers in media and culture, and the wider UK public seeking to increase understanding of the processes that lead to prejudice and Identity based violence.

Becky Warnock, is a London based visual artist and activist, whose work engages with the politics of representation and questions of identity and her practice is rooted in participation and community engagement.

Grace Gelder, is a freelance photographer and educator and who has exhibited and published in the UK and abroad. Her practice explores inter-personal relationships, dynamics and the intersection of photography and other disciplines and regularly designs and leads course for galleries, museums and universities.

Ingrid Guyonis a photographer, filmmaker and participatory visual media practitioner of passionate advocate of a better world through community engagement and self-representation. In 2009, she established Fotosynthesisa social enterprise that specialises in participatory photography.

Tom Elkins, Chief Executive Officer,, has worked for a number of voluntary sector organisations, focusing on issues relating to equality, disability, and empowering individuals and communities to campaign for better services and policies.

Kallina Brailsford, Chair, founder of and a PHD candidate in Participatory Photography and young people

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Thank you for the generous support from Stanhope

Photography on Gender Based Issues: Strengths and Limits

Imperial College
80 Wood Lane
London W12 0BZ 

04 February 2019 18:00 – 20:00

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©Wamaitha Ng’ang’a
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©Giovanna del Sarto

Join us for a presentation and discussion on projects exploring the role of photography in representation of masculinity and tackling gender based violence.

Speakers: Giovanna del Sarto (photojournalist)  and Antonia Porter (concept writer and audio) presenting their multimedia project ‘Still figuring Out What it Means to be a Man’, exploring masculinity in the context of South Africa. Wamaitha Ng’ang’a (photojournalist)  presenting ‘Speak Out‘ an ongoing photography project on women telling the stories of survivors of domestic violence. The event is supported by: Imperial College London

The event is kindly supported by Imperial College London

Talk and Launch Event

Imperial College Incubator                                                 
80 Wood Lane – London W12 0BZ

15 November 2018 – 18:00 – 20:00

The Photojournalism Hub opens one of its programmes dedicated to promoting, engaging and disseminating photojournalism with a talk event to reflect and explore what are the existing challenges that those committed to expose  social justice issues face in the current climate.

“Photojournalism is more important than ever”

Have you ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”?

My name is Cinzia D’Ambrosi, a freelance photojournalist who has captured the plight of refugees across Europe through my lens. I have witnessed and documented human tragedy; something we see on the news every day. Back in 1984, Kenyan cameraman Mohammed Amin’s powerful images shown across the World from Ethiopia prompted Bob Geldof to create Band Aid which raised millions for the Ethiopian famine relief. Just one example of how images can say more than words.

The Photojournalism Hub aims to raise the profile of photojournalism and become a showcase for stories through images that prompt social change. Activities will include workshops for aspiring photojournalists and, exhibitions and talks from experienced practitioners.

I would like to invite you to the launch of the Photojournalism Hub where we will be explaining a little more about our objectives and provide you with an opportunity to get involved.   Free tickets are here. although limited in number.

Speakers include:

Andy Slaughter, Labour MP –  will formally  welcome the Photojournalism Hub and speak to its significance as an addition to the local community.

©Daniel Renwick

Daniel Renwick– videographer and journalist presents ‘Failed by the State’

‘Failed By The State’ was made four months after the fire at Grenfell Tower. It sought to historicise the mood for community self-help and reliance, after the government – local and national – failed the people in North Kensington, both for allowing Grenfell to happen, and failing to provide the requisite services after the fire. The film was narrated by prominent community member Ish, who was born in Grenfell Tower.

© Vered Cohen-Barzilay

Katie Webb – Co-Director of the Writers’ Union Of Italy (FUIS) presents the work of authors from the Middle East and North Africa region, photographers and activists addressing human rights injustices through novels.

©David Hoffman – G20 protests, London 2 April 2009

David Hoffman – Photojournalist

David has worked as an independent photojournalist since the 1970s. Often raw and uncomfortable, Hoffman’s work is both dispassionate documentary and steely social challenge. Working to document the reality of injustice, the frequent oppression of the state and the all too often tragic consequences, Hoffman’s photography has underpinned legal challenges, brought racist perpetrators to justice, and most importantly, reached wide audiences through newspaper publication for more than 40 years.


We are witnessing disregard for basic human rights in every continent: restricted access to health care, lack of government transparency, deepened poverty, inadequate financial protection, racial discrimination and increased risk of domestic abuse.  Covid-19 has exacerbated this pre-existing damage and what we are witnessing day after day is the culmination, or rather the unravel, of years of political, social and economic failure.

We are looking for contributors whose work highlights the social injustices and inequalities that are being intensified or laid bare by Covid-19. Entries are currently showcased in a monthly journal, however the Photojournalism Hub team is working towards a printed edition of the Journal and a major events to foster awareness and advocate for changes.

Please submit your work: Cinzia D’Ambrosi,


We have invited a number of editors and media organisations to join us in the Photojournalism Nights to offer publishing prizes and media support.

Very pleased to welcome Silvia Pingitore, the founder and  Editor-in-Chief of The Shortlisted Magazine , who has offered to select and feature one of the presented projects at the Photojournalism Nights on The Shortlisted Magazine.

Silvia Pingitore, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Shortlisted Magazine

Silvia Pingitore is a multilingual journalist, novelist and illustrator with three books published nationwide in Italy, her native country. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Shortlisted Magazine, the UK’s 1st Independent Career Magazine: nothing but the truth about work and career. The magazine reunites the best international career writers and bloggers, and publishes tips, how-tos, artworks and frank interviews with celebrities such as Giorgio Armani and the winners of the BBC Apprentice, all focused on work and career. The Shortlisted Magazine | Facebook |  Twitter  LinkedIn

Will Carleton, Founder and Editor of Photo Archive News

We have also asked Will Carleton, founder and editor of Photo Archive News to join as a media partner to the Photojournalism Nights.  We are thrilled that he has accepted and  has also offered to  feature a selected project in their media website.

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More on Photo Archive News: – Founded and Edited by Will Carleton (PAN) reports editorial photo industry news, jobs and features – daily.  The site is read by photo agency and photo library owners and staff, photo editors and creative photo buyers, editorial and stock photographers and photo researchers.

Genesis Imaging has  worked for over 20 years  with world-class photographers and artists, international galleries, museums, interior designers, architects and individuals across the breadth of the creative industries to deliver a wide range of projects through our diverse range of services.

Designed by the award-winning architecture studio Liddicoat & Goldhill, Elephant West occupies a repurposed petrol station adjacent to the BBC’s former headquarters on Wood Lane. We aim to establish a new model for cultural spaces; neither publicly funded nor a commercial gallery, we support and promote emerging creative practice and build a community of the culturally interested around our programme. The space includes a café-bar, Fuel, and a small shop offering limited-edition prints, books, magazines and associated products. Elephant West programme centres on the Elephant Commissions, projects by emerging visual artists selected and curated by Becca Pelly-Fry, Head Curator.  Alongside the central programme, the space plays host to a wide range of events such as film screenings, dance performances, panel discussions, inspirational talks, yoga classes and DJ nights.