Photojournalism Nights on the 21st May!

The inaugural Photojournalism Nights is on the 21st May at the Elephant West gallery in White City, London. Photojournalism Nights is an event that promotes committed and courageous photojournalism and engages the public to social justice and human rights. On the 21st May, it will present four photojournalists, whose work engage on migration, health care, inequalities for the Roma populations and poverty and social justice issues in one of the poorer borough of London. To accompany the event there will be media guests followed up by networking. Photojournalism Nights promises to be a fantastic addition to the photography related events in the capital! Read more here.


Using Photojournalism to make positive changes

Community Talks is an ambitious project which promotes independent journalism and expose issues and topics from communities and individuals around the world whose voice is often neglected, uncovered,  unreported.  Often, photo stories and news that reach mainstream media do not reflect a thorough research, many voices are left behind that would provide a better and fairer understanding  of an issue. The Photojournalism Hub plan is to provide an outlet for those voices and to share news and in-depth photo and journalistic essay that will counteract mainstream media from local and global communities. 

Conversations with the Somali Communities

The Photojournalism Hub and Lido Foundation invited local Somali communities living in/around White City, Shepherds Bush to an open conversation. Many joined us in very constructive conversations that focused on the areas in need of support for an improved well-being of the community. men and women and young people talking openly about their lives and the challenges that they encounter.





Conversations with women in White City

On the 10th January, we hosted our first Open Forums in White City in collaboration with the charity Women Make Change, a local charity that supports women, survivors of domestic abuse.
We sat in circle and we each contributed with our experiences of living in the area as women, mothers, sisters and what are expectations were around support from local governance and policing.  The conversation led towards areas that have not been researched, investigated and analysed in depth as such  exclusions within schools and what it seems to be a highly disproportionate number to come from black and poor background. This was one of the areas that women have asked for support . 

Women in conversation at the Open Forum in White City


L’Asilo, Naples. March 2015: Backstage of the making of ELEM’s music video “Potato Eaters”, by the director and video-artist Loredana Antonelli. – ©Sabrina Merolla

We are very delighted to announce the next professional development workshops aimed at supporting photographers early and mid career. Forthcoming workshops are:

22nd January ‘ Tell me About It’

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27th January ‘How to run a community based photography project?’

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