They escaped Syria and went to Turkey where they were badly treated and after months of hell they managed to leave and enter Greece. Most refugees reach Europe having suffered severe traumas. Yet, many are hardly receiving adequate care and linger for weeks and months in refugee camps. Lavrion, Greece.

Under the guidance of documentary photographer and photojournalist Cinzia D’Ambrosi, this session is about having your portfolio and/or your ongoing photography project reviewed and given tailored advice for it to be submitted to an Open Call, presented to editors, or proposed for funding.
The session will not only provide individual feedback on specific project development but also consideration on what is the best way to present and publish it and guidance on moving forward. You will receive help to advance and complete the finishing phase of a project and bringing it ready for publishing.
The two hour session will provide tailored review of a portfolio of photography work with feedback on its presentation, and where best to be shown for opportunities in gaining photography commissions, assignments as well as opportunities for growing your existing photography network and business. Moreover, it will be an opportunity to also explore ideas on reaching out to the people that are envisioned in your photographic stories.
Every session is an unique experience where you can ask specific questions, receive advice and ideas for expanding your network.
Relevant key areas explored in your one to one session are: tools for improving your practice, exploring narrative choices and intentions, finding your individual vision, identifying your public, advancing your visual voice.

£ 25 (PJ_Hub members)

Cinzia D’Ambrosi, is a multi-award winning freelance documentary photographer and photojournalist and the founder/director of the Photojournalism Hub photography curator and photo editor. Cinzia’s work focuses on systemic violence, racism, marginalised communities, and migration. She contributes to a number of editorials such as Der Spiegel, New Internationalist, Warscapes, BBC, The Guardian. She frequently works for charities, NGO’s and the third sector producing stories for advocacy campaigns and exhibitions. She has collaborated over a number of years with Amnesty International in Europe presenting her project Hate Hurts which documents security and police violence against refugees in Europe, in touring exhibitions, solo exhibitions, publications, guest talks, in extensive campaigns, and broadcasted in various TV and radio outlets, including Czech National TV. Furthermore, Hate Hurts was selected for the European Month of Photography in Bulgaria (2018), won an Award from the Photographers Gallery in London (2017), toured as a solo exhibition throughout Czech Republic for a year in 2019-2020 supported by Amnesty International Czech Republic. Cinzia’s photography work has received support and commissions from Arts Council England, Big Local Trust, Amnesty International, Westfield Group London, German Refugee Council to name a few. Cinzia has received the Spiga d’Argento Award (2022) for her photojournalism for the advancement of Peace. She is a contributing photographer for Zuma Press.

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