The Photojournalism Hub holds the vision of a world free of social injustice and human rights abuses.

Our objective is to be the first dedicated centre of Photojournalism in the UK and the first to actively employ photojournalism to form cross borders and multi-disciplinary collaborations, research and community activities to develop civic participation and engagement for improved well-being and social justice.

Our key work areas:
Promotes photojournalism and the advancement of independent journalism to expose and engage the public to social justice and human rights violations.
Trains in photojournalism to empower disadvantaged, marginalised individuals and communities to tell their stories.
Fosters cross-border and transnational collaboration in investigative journalism and photojournalism to bring about recommendations and actions for policy change.

We bring people from different backgrounds and communities together to foster the exchange of ideas, debate on social justice issues and human rights violations that matter to us and impact our lives.
Defending and upholding human rights and social justice has always been the primary mission of the Photojournalism Hub. In this respect, we offer a media that is independent, inclusive and reflective of a public discourse.

Our Constitution upholds:

  • To promote and disseminate high quality photojournalism work
  • To raise awareness of contemporary social justice issues and human rights breaches
  • To address, critique and confront public and government discourses on contemporary social justice issues
  • Train in photojournalism disadvantaged and marginalised local people and communities around the world to foster empowerment, opportunities and improved conditions through reporting and photojournalism skills
  • To promote and engage intersectional platform conversations
  • To provide educational opportunities and learning
  • To provide training in photojournalism
  • To further the advancement of independent photojournalism
  • To advocate and campaign on social justice issues through photojournalism work
  • To foster, disseminate, advance transnational, cross-border visual and journalistic investigations
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