Photojournalism Hub x Riverside Studios (Oct 2023)

We’re delighted to welcome Aidan Brooks and Andrew Blowers to the 36th edition of the Photojournalism Nights.

Both photographers use the tool of photography as a means to connect with others in an authentic, raw and meaningful way whether through exploring encounters with strangers or documenting the street around them.

Photojournalism Nights is an event that invites photojournalists and documentary photographers to share their powerful, committed photography dedicated to social justice and human rights causes. Photojournalism Nights event is an opportunity for the public to ask questions, found out how to be involved and learn insights behind the powerful photos stories that are helping advance social justice and human rights around the world. After the presentations, the audience and the guest photographers can continue conversations and socialising in Riverside Studios bar and coffee lounge area.

Aidan Brooks
I am a community photographer and visual storyteller, with the goal of capturing individuals in an authentic and meaningful way. I use my camera to initiate conversations and discover how people feel in the moment. My passion for photography began during my childhood as a shy boy growing up in Wirral, Merseyside. Instead of asking direct questions, I found comfort behind the camera, which gave me confidence and security when interacting with people. This experience has taught me to challenge my judgments, approach things with courage and curiosity, and be a good listener. I believe in the power of being present for people and providing a safe and empathetic environment where they can express themselves freely. Aidan will be presenting selected images/stories to talk about why “talking to strangers is important for us all.”

Andrew Blowers
Having first picked up a camera after growing tired of taking phone snapshots, Andrew spent £50 on a film SLR in 2017, and was hooked. Alongside photography, Andrew is also an accomplished semi-professional bass player and during the COVID pandemic and lockdown of 2020 he found himself without a creative outlet and his enjoyment of street photography turned into documenting the world around him. 
Exclusively shooting black and white, he greatly favours the use the old ways of film and the darkroom, only utilising digital when needs must. His style is honest and open, empathetic and devoid of visual trickery. 
He is a member of documentary collective New Exit Group @newexitgroup where copies of collaborative debut zine Bardo are available. The project based on blues in Soho is being sequenced and designed, available soon. Darkroom prints from projects are available on request.

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