Photojournalism and Activism in Today’s Forms of Resistance

The Invention Rooms
68 Wood Lane
W12 7TA

19th November 2019 18:30 – 20:30

©Vindhya Buthpitiya

Exploring today’s form of rebellion, resilience and resistance through photojournalism.

Part of a series of talk events exploring photojournalism as a tool of activism in today’s movements and forms of resistance, resilience and rebellion, the Photojournalism Hub present four guest speakers whose work bring testimony and engagement to current moments and events of fortitude and activism.

Alice Marcelino is a London based photographer, born in Luanda, Angola, moved to Portugal at a very early age. She experienced and explored various art forms, from dance to theatre, until adopting photography as her main form of expression. Her images and photo stories explore concepts of identity and sub-cultures, and their meaning in our globalised world.

Pierre Alozie is a Franco-Nigerian photojournalist based in London, whose work spans years covering social, political, cultural issues including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Velvet Revolution and Kosovo war.

Vindhya Buthpitiya is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at University College London researching the interweaving of conflict, popular photographic practices and political articulation among the Northern Tamil community in postwar Sri Lanka.

Zainab Ravat is a geography graduate who last year won first place in the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG ) Social and Cultural Geography Research Group Dissertation Prize for her dissertation entitled ‘Photojournalism: Explorations into the Geographical Witness, Activist and Traveller’.

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