We were delighted to host a new photojournalism nights series event ‘In Focus’ in collaboration with the west London arts and media centre Riverside Studios. Our guest photographers of the evening were Denise Laura Baker and Etienne Bruce .
Owning to the ‘In Focus’ series, both photographers engage within the realm of socially engaged documentary photography and their projects are of a long form.

Photos: @Sese (CC) | London Events Photographer

Etienne Bruce presented Xenitia, which is an archive, centered on displacement to Greece. And Dr. Denise Laura Baker shared Deeds, Not Words: motivations and methods of resistance from a photographer’s perspective, currently being shown until April 13th at Gallery 74, Waterside Arts in Sale, Manchester, which explores the myriad ways photography crosses into the realm of activism and the complex relationship between photojournalism and activism.

Photos: @Sese (CC) | London Events Photographer

One of the highlights of the event was the inspiring work shared by the photographers and the engagement of the audiences. The atmosphere at Riverside Studios buzzed with energy as the fully packed studios engaged in lively discussions, and Q&As.

Interview: isis_caldwell

Photos: Selma Nicholls

Interview: @isis_caldwell

Furthermore, conversations flowed freely well after the event ended, which it denotes the power of documentary photography and photojournalism.
Thanks to our guest photographers, whose work brought people together around photography and the voices that might otherwise remain unheard.

Next Photojournalism Hub event at Riverside Studios is on the 22nd April 2024.

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