Capturing Crisis

We are incredibly pleased to present the third edition of ‘Capturing Crisis’ photography and reporting magazine produced by the group of youths of the ‘Stories, Reporting Mag, Photography Course’ project. Responding to the cost of living crisis, the young photographers have covered with photo stories and photographs themes and topics that expose social justice issues as well as current social and environmental changes. Some of the stories cover the impact of living crisis on restaurants owned by minority groups, the relationship of the UK to the past through the relationship of people to monuments, protests demanding fair pay and rights for NHS staff and much more. We are very proud for the commitment, talent and drive demonstrated by the young participants.
We would like to thank Hammersmith & Fulham Borough and the National Lottery for their support and to the young people for their commitment, talent and drive demonstrated.

Front Cover Image ©Amy Daintree
Back Cover Image @Moeaze Samuels

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