Photojournalism and Movements of Activism and Protest Today

The Invention Rooms
68 Wood Lane
W12 7TA

16th December 2019 18:30 – 20:30

©Talia Woodin

Exploring today’s form of rebellion, resilience and resistance through photojournalism.

Part of a series of talk events exploring photojournalism as a tool of activism, the Photojournalism Hub presents three photographers whose work is currently actively engaged with documenting and raising awareness of climate change, food waste, women’s rights and forms of protest and resilience.

Angela Christofilou, is half English, half Greek actor, voice artist, photographer and singer/songwriter (Field Trip to the Moon band) living in London. Self taught, she first experimented with street photography in the US while on a theatre tour and then began documenting protests at the end of 2015. She mainly focuses on street, social documentary and protest photography and is often covering major protests for the Independent Angela’s protest photography over the years is currently being archived at the Bishopsgate Institute.

Chris King, is a documentary and portrait photographer and video producer, whose work focuses on the food system. He has documented the issue of food waste for several years, and is now starting an initiative called Documenting Climate Change that aims to mobilise, support and train documentary storytellers of all disciplines to create more engaging, impactful stories on the issue of climate change.

Talia Woodin, is a photographer , activist and works full time as media and messaging coordinator for Extinction Rebellion Youth. Since October 2018, Talia has worked as a photographer for Extinction Rebellion, whom regularly features her work.

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