JUST ZINE magazine issue 3 focuses on homelessness in a Covid-19 world as we understand that the pandemic has worsened an already widespread issue. It touches on the different forms homelessness can take from life on the streets, to insecure housing and now, to temporary residence in hotels thanks to the Government’s public health initiative to get people off the streets to reduce the spread of the virus. Contributors have also shared an extract from a children story on homelessness and a touching and powerful personal story on homelessness. Furthermore they shared a photo story on the reopening of non-essential shops and the merging of DfID and the UK Foreign Office and the potential implications on foreign aid as a result of this merger. Once again I would like to thank the hard-working and very talented group of participants in the Youth Zine West project, run by the Photojournalism Hub, who produced this issue and as always, I thank our founder the Mayor of London, Culture Seeds.

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