©Cinzia D’Ambrosi

Knowing You is a Photography and Storytelling programme developed by the Photojournalism Hub.

It works on the principle that by getting to know each other, the process contributes to community cohesion and abating barriers of prejudice.

Knowing You project is based on teaching photography and visual narrative whilst guiding participants in the creation and development of a photo story of a fellow participant in the course. The project allows a therapeutic and safe space in which participants go on a journey of self- expression, bonding and empowerment whilst learning new skills.
The first ‘Knowing You’ project took place with women of White City supported by the charity Near Neighbours.

The Knowing You project is been Awarded a Recognised project (2020) and it is among the 40 selected projects ‘deemed exceptional’ by the judges of the Faith & Belief Forum and Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Greater London’s Council on Faith    for having provided support, respite and are working to make London a city that is inclusive to everyone and continuing to do so despite the challenges posed by the current pandemic.

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