Why shop small business?

Photojournalism Hub presents Why shop small business? – the latest edition of documentary photography and writings from our local young and senior participants of our documentary photography courses.
Why shop small business? brought a lot of conversations and critical analysis on what it really means. Are we shopping more ethically because more conscious of what we eat? Are we more aware of the authenticity and the personal experiences that one has in small independent outlerier. Or the choices of shopping small points to having the economic capacity to do so and thus a statement of wealth. One pervading reflection is that shopping small is very much tied to serving communities. We could say that we have many communities around each local shop, something that we cannot find in much bigger commercial chain.

We have printed a number of copies of the magazine for our beneficiaries and for sharing and making it available in our community. If you would like a copy or discuss a feature, please contact us.

We would like to thank the NHS West London Trust, Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Sobus and Hammersmith United Charities for their support.

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