Who we are

The Photojournalism Hub is a Community Interest Company that promotes photojournalism and the advancement of independent journalism to expose and engage the public to human rights abuses and social justice issues and through training in photojournalism it empowers disadvantaged, marginalized people and communities to tell their stories and bring about recommendations and actions for policy change.

The Way we work


Photojournalism Hub trains disadvantaged communities to use photojournalism as a tool for positive impact in their lives.  Photojournalism Hub has developed a programme called Citizen Visual Journalism which is designed to provide visual journalism training to community groups and individuals who experience isolation, disadvantage, prejudice and/or social injustices issues.  The model empowers beneficiaries to tell their stories and that of their communities. It fosters wellbeing and work/education opportunities. Photojournalism Hub also works with the community through talk events and Open Forums,  listening events with the aim to share knowledge and make appropriate recommendations on issues that are relevant to the communities.


The mission of Photojournalism Hub is to advocate for social justice and human rights. One of the core activities is to foster dialogue. Our events program strengthens and inspires critical thinking, sharing of information, raising awareness  through an open platform that includes experts and advocates in the field of photojournalism, practitioners in human rights and the public. The ensuing discussions advocate, encourage and provide tools to formulate and make recommendations to influencers aimed at improving upon pressing social justice issues. Our events program presents relevant social justice issues brought forth by the in-depth work of outstanding contemporary photojournalists.


The Photojournalism Hub  is dedicated solely to the genre of photojournalism. It presents and disseminates high quality photojournalism work in exhibitions online and in prints with an emphasis on investigative and long term in-depth coverage of social injustices.  The work is selected and presented to encourage engagement, debate, awareness on contemporary social justice issues.


Photojournalism Hub regularly hosts events such as Photojournalism Nights  showcasing photojournalism work, editorial and photography exhibitions.


Social justice issues are researched in depth and in collaboration with  cross platform teams comprising and not limited to photojournalists, academics and media personnel of national and international reputation.  We work collaboratively to produce contents such as films, publications, exhibitions, seminars, reports, training and events.   Outcomes will bring educational tools and advocacy value to  people working for policy change.


Photojournalism Hub trains a new generation of photojournalists through specialised photography workshops, masterclasses and one-to-one portfolio reviews and photojournalism sessions.
Workshops and the portfolio reviews are kept at low cost to be able to provide specialised training to a great number of photojournalists at early and mid career in industry led skills and knowledge that improve their work opportunities, marketability and visual narrative work.


Photojournalism Hub supports investigative journalism and photojournalism on a local, national and global level. 

The Team

Cinzia D’Ambrosi
Founder & Director


Jamie Clark


Miriam Sheikh


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