About us

The ‘About Us’ photobook was produced with senior residents living in London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. It presents a series of photo stories based on the lives of each participant and created by another participant within the project. Participants developed storytelling techniques and basic photography skills, whilst they were able to use visuals as a tool for self expression and a means to develop and foster togetherness and friendship.
Facilitating this project has been a very positive experience and we are very proud for the achievements that participants accomplished.
A special thanks for their valuable support to the funders of the project Hammersmith United Charities @hamunitedcharities and to Hammersmith Community Gardens  @hammersmith_community_gardens for allowing us to use the wonderful Glasshouses in Ravenscourt park.
Special thanks to Tina Wood, from the Masbro Centre @masbrocentre for her valuable assistance during the project and to the participants for their trust and eagerness to learn and be open to the creative processes. It would be a delight to share more on this wonderful community focused project.

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