Understanding, Confronting and Questioning Notions of Identity

The Invention Rooms
68 Wood Lane
W12 7TA

27 January 2020 18:30-20:30

©Zula Rabikowska

How photography can be used as a tool to address questions of belonging, place and the histories we learn and inherit.

A talk event exploring how experiences of citizenship, nationality and identity can inform notions of identity. The speakers’ powerful work is directly influenced by personal journeying and displacement, and a quest to build understanding around notions of identity. The Photojournalism Hub is very pleased to present:

Zula Rabikowska, photographer, born in Poland, grew up in the UK and worked in France, China, South Africa, India, Palestine and the Caribbean. Citizens of Nowhere is a project about experiences of citizenship, nationality and identity on a political, cultural and social level and is a personal response to the 2016 Brexit referendum where 51.9% of the British population voted to leave the European Union, and the increased racism and xenophobia that followed.

Adam Razvi, documentary photographer, will present work that addresses issues of belonging, and disputes the rose-tinted nostalgia still commonly associated with the British Empire. Adam’s work aims to build understanding of how culture, nationality and the past inform notions of identity, He explains “As a person of mixed-heritage I have become increasingly conscious of a sense of belonging and place, raising a number of questions – often without clear resolutions. At the core of this questioning, visual perceptions, including how British I look and feel and how this impacts everyday interactions and my roles in society.”

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