Beautiful comments from our workshop participants

“I would like to thank you to share with us your massive knowledge during the workshop. I will try to develop my projects, based on your tips!” Valentina

“I trained as a photojournalist/documentary photographer but have been working in other areas and projects over the past few years. I wanted to refresh and update my knowledge and saw the workshop ‘How to become a Humanitarian Photographer’ run by Cinzia. I looked up her background and photojournalism experience and as the cost of the workshop was very reasonable I applied to attend. It was a great workshop attended by a small enthusiastic group. Cinzia shared her knowledge and experience, was friendly and informative and her enthusiasm, skills and knowledge were greatly appreciated by myself and the rest of the group. I would highly recommend her as a workshop facilitator and will attend future events and exhibitions that she is running. ” – Gerry

“The workshop provided us with great practical exposure into humanitarian photography. Cinzia is a very knowledgeable and experienced documentary photographer.
Thanks to the low number of participants, the interaction and the exchange of information has been great.
Highly recommended, Cinzia is very approachable and gave real life examples and tips on how to improve or start a career in humanitarian photography.” – Edoardo

Open Forums with the Somali communities

Lido Foundation and his founder/direct Liban Muse warmly opened their doors at their office in North Kensington to our second Open Forum event.

The Open Forums are events in which communities are invited to have an open conversation sharing their experiences, challenges and  achievements.  The idea behind is to learn directly from communities what it is needed to improve their lives and thus provide more effective outreach. On the 7th February we invited the Somali communities living n the local area of Hammersmith and Fulham to join us at the Lido Foundation for a conversation.

When I arrived at the Lido Foundation early in the morning,  I was pleasantly surprised that there were already members of the Somali community waiting for me to take part to the event.  It was a remarkable event; there was a very committed participation, engagement.  There were men and women and young people talking openly about their lives and the challenges that they encounter. The conversation was interesting, open and direct.  The event showed the great potential of open conversations to create action for positive change.

In conversation with the Somali communities living in west London. Many turned out sharing their experiences.
The Open Forum is an event based on an open conversation in which together we talk about challenges and ways to solve it. What is needed to improve our lives and how can this be achievable.
The idea behind the Open Forums is to work on a grass root level without preconceived ideas of what a community may need. It is about finding out directly from the communities what their needs may be.

Open Forum with local women

On the 10th January, we hosted our first Open Forums in White City in collaboration with the charity Women Make Change, a local charity that supports women, survivors of domestic abuse.
We sat in circle and we each contributed with our experiences of living in the area as women, mothers, sisters and what are expectations were around support from local governance and policing.  The conversation led towards areas that have not been researched, investigated and analysed in depth as such  exclusions within schools and what it seems to be a highly disproportionate number to come from black and poor background. This was one of the areas that women have asked for support . More detailed report will be shared on the resources pages very soon. In the meantime, if you wish to take part or invite the Photojournalism Hub to host an Open Forums event please drop us a line.

Women in conversation at the Open Forum in White City

How to Fund your Photography Project

Written by Nyla S. 

I attended the ‘How to fund your photography project’ led by Photographer Cinzia D’Ambrosi in November. I am working on a personal photo series to exhibit in March and wanted to learn from Cinzia how best to approach companies for funding, whether it be the Arts Council or a financial company with a budget for sponsorship.

Myself and the other participants shared our project with the group, which was helpful in getting feedback from Cinzia and the other participants. It allowed us to all find out what we needed to work on and what the strengths of our project was.

Cinzia was great in sharing her knowledge of past funding experience and in giving us tips on how to approach companies for sponsorship. The knowledge passed on, gave me the confidence to approach more companies that I believed would be interested.

I found this workshop to be invaluable and found Cinzia to be helpful, knowledgeable and approachable.  I look forward to her future workshops.

Below some of moments from our Workshops at Petit Miracles in London.

A moment during our photography workshops at Petit Miracles in Shepherds Bush.
Watching Manu’s Valcarce video during one of the Photography Workshops at Petit Miracles
Participants work on presentation and pitching during one of the photography workshop at Petit Miracles


How to fund your Photography Project

It was great to run ‘How to fund your Photography Project’ Workshop @PetitMiracles on the 30th November 2018 in Shepherds Bush. Participants shared their ongoing project and through the workshop they formed a methodology to bring forward  in the world of commissions, funding proposals and sponsorship. I am looking forward to their follow-up one to one sessions in the coming months as I will learn how they develop their ideas and projects. The Photojournalism Hub workshops are dedicated to teach skills and insights to bridge the gap between Photography education and the Photography industry. The next workshop is on the 12th January at Petit Miracle in Shepherds Bush, west London and it will equip participants with insights on how to become a Humanitarian Photographer.



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