Photography Exhibition

RE@CENTRE Thames Wharf – Rainville Road – W6 9HA

Opening 07th June 18:00 – 21:00

Exhibition continues 07th – 09th June 2019

Marginal is a photography exhibition that draws attention and brings people to focus on the stories of social, political and human relevance happening in parallel, alongside and/or hidden from mainstream narratives. In recent years, we have seen dramatic changes that have sparked mass migration, extreme weather patterns, disrupted eco-systems and unstable, volatile and dangerous political changes. The nature of these events have contributed to extraordinary social and political events in the form of mass migration, political upheavals and social transformation but also have suppressed, kept on the margin important narratives. Marginal is an exhibition that draws the public to these important stories that live in parallel to mainstream narratives. The selected photographers, Chiara CeolinClaudia Leisinger, Jonathan GoldbergMareike Gunsche bring attention to some of the human stories that are part of our societies however are not given adequate attention, care and social justice: the Roma communities in Europe, the eco activists community living besides Heathrow runaway, child mothers in Tanzania and the stories of people living with HIV.


Photo: © Jonathan Goldberg
















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The exhibition is part of the Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Fest

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