National Demonstration Free Palestine

National Demonstration for Free Palestine and a Ceasefire Now in London, 25th November 2023.

At Photojournalism Hub we work for social justice and human rights through publishing, promoting and supporting the work of independent photojournalists and documentary photographers. It is our belief that no one should be killed for their faith, ethnicity, nationality. What we are witnessing every day in the past 7 weeks has hurt us immensely. It is wrong to tackle acts of terrorism by disproportionately or indiscriminately killing and injuring civilians, women and children. We hope for a Ceasefire and for Palestinians right to peace, security and to live in their own independent state, free from occupation. We stand for Peace and an end of war.

Below are some photographs from our team on pro Palestine marches in London.

©Cinzia D’Ambrosi

©Cinzia D’Ambrosi

@Cinzia D’Ambrosi

©Safeena Chaudhry

©Sienna Sunna

Cinzia D’Ambrosi @cinziadambrosi
Safeena Chaudhry  @photographerdreamertraveller

Sienna Sunna

Free Palestine Rally in London

Thousands rallied in London’s Trafalgar Square to advocate for a Free Palestine and to call for an immediate Ceasefire. Among the crowds, were Londoners, families with their children, and representatives from various organisations, all uniting in in central London Trafalgar Square to demand an end to the violent conflict. The vast majority of demonstrators conveyed their message peacefully, holding up placards, and posters with messages emphasising the urgency of a ceasefire, on a day marked by numerous protests across the capital.

A young girl holds up a Freedom for Palestine poster, London Trafalgar Square. @Cinzia D’Ambrosi

©Safeena Chaudhry

Demonstrators and peaceful groups waved flags and banners around Trafalgar Square. @Cinzia D’Ambrosi

Photos from above: ©Safeena Chaudhry (first left),
(second, third, fourth) @Cinzia D’Ambrosi

Safeena Chaudhry
Insta: @photographerdreamertraveller
Cinzia D’Ambrosi
Insta: @cinziadambrosi


Demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine have seen thousands around the world march and voice their grief and anger at Israel’s deliberate killing of civilians, predominantly women and children, despite facing opposition, and even arrests.
The ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel began on the 7th of October 2023, when Hamas breached the Gaza-Israel barrier and killed communities and attacked Israel Défense Forces. Over 200 civilians have been taken as hostages.
Weeks after Israel cut water, electricity, fuel, and aid into the Gaza Strip, whilst continuing attacking with an enormous amount of indiscriminate strikes on residential areas, schools and hospitals and killing over 7,000 civilians, largely innocent children and women. the humanitarian crisis is only deepening.   Ceasefire and a stop to the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

Delhi, India

Police detain people at a protest organised by different student left-wing organisations in support of Palestinians in Gaza , as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues , near the Embassy of Israel , in New Delhi India , October 23, 2023

All photos ©Deep Nair

Deep Nair
Insta: deeeeppixx
Twitter: @deep_nair16

Bogota, Colombia

Pro-Palestine demonstrations in Bogotá, Colombia.

All photos ©Yhaira Rincon

Yhaira Rincon

London, UK

On the 21st October, thousands marched in central London from Marble Arch to Whitehall chanting “Free, free Palestine” to demand the end of the siege and immediate ceasefire. The killings must end. The occupation must end.

Thousands descended in central London in support for Palestinians and to demand end to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. Rally began at Marble Arch and marched to Whitehall.

All photos ©Cinzia D’Ambrosi
Insta: @cinziadambrosi

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