Injustices & Inequalities: Covid-19

We have reopened the Call ‘Injustices and inequalities: Covid-19’ to the 20th May 2022 before we will continue developing this research project. Updates will be shared with all of you soon.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected communities and people who were already marginalised, discriminated, and at the throng of continuous injustices and inequalities. We are bringing together stories, investigations from around the world to highlight and advocate and create the important exposure to leverage and bring about positive changes.

The call is open to any photographer, filmmaker or journalist who have worked on injustices and inequalities widened or rendered visible during the emergency status of the world caused by Covid-19. Selected entries will be featured in the e- journal available on our website!

For further information please contact : Lucy Waheed or Cinzia D’Ambrosi


We are happy to invite you to a Youth Arts Showcase and Exhibition on the 2nd April at Our Lady of Fatima Hall, White City, London.
Photojournalism Hub has engaged local young people with photography to tell the story of what it is like to grow up today in west London, which will be presented in a Photography Exhibition during the Youth Arts Showcase.
The event supported by W12Together will also see the presentations of other local organisations: Urban Flyers (live music and film), Enne (Art and Poetry), Girls create a vibe (Arts and Crafts). All are welcome.

Photography project leading to a Youth Arts Showcase in west London

©Cinzia D’Ambrosi

We invite young people(16+) living in White City and Wormholt area in west London to be part of a Youth Arts Showcase.

Participants to the project will explore the theme ‘What is like to be a young person in White City and Wormholt’ using documentary photography, including writings and audio to create a series of photographs to be shown in a Photography exhibition.

The project will consist of 6 photography workshop sessions in which participants will develop key documentary photography skills. Each session will progressively guide participants to learn about documentary photography, develop their photo story and produce an exhibition set of photographs, as part of their photo stories. Core elements of the sessions are:

  • What is Documentary Photography?
  • Learn approaches and methods in producing a photo-story, images sequencing versus single image.
  • Explore how to express emotion through photographs through the use of photography techniques.
  • One to one mentoring focusing on development of the work produced
  • Collective appraisal.
  • Editing and curative decisions for the exhibition.

The sessions are Free, however registration is essential. Please book a place HERE


As the world struggles to prevent irreversible climate change and further damage to our environment, we recognise that young people, who are largely inheriting this crisis, are both hugely impacted and empowered to play a pivotal role in restoring our natural habitat.

Photojournalism Hub is inviting young people (16+), to participate in a project on climate change consisting of a series of eight documentary photography workshops. During the workshops, participants will work on researching and creating their own documentary-based photo story on an existing environmental challenge/s and/or inspiring actions they see in the local area.

The outcome of the project will be presented in a series of documentary-based photo stories in a zine. These will be the basis of young people’s recommendations for a meaningful collective reflection and action culminated in the first Hammersmith and Fulham youth symposium on climate change.

Photojournalism Hub is a community interest company that engages in the fight against social injustice and human rights violations through photojournalism and independent journalism. They believe that independent journalism and photojournalism is the key for social justice advocacy and a means for elevating the silenced voices. Photojournalism Hub has established ongoing programmes of online and public-facing events. Crucially, working with and engaging various communities, youths and individuals in photography projects, the Photojournalism Hub provides skills and opportunities as well as raising awareness of injustice and existing unfavourable conditions.