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News from f/8 documentary collective

F/8 documentary collective publishes Volume 1 f/8 magazine and all the 125 copies, each one numbered, were sold in a matter of a few days. It is now a collector’s item.
The collective is working on volume 2 right now with Martin Mayer’s pictures of Operation Demetrius- Internment without trial of the Irish by the British, Andrew Moore’s pictures of the Irish troubles from the 90s, David Gilbert Wright story of the pilgrimage up Croagh Patrick in 93, and Mark Pinder’s coal scavengers at the Easington Colliery in the 80s as well as the other member’s sets. The magazines are published by Fistful of Books at a price of £8.

To learn more of the collective and to receive upcoming news on the latest magazines and other items : https://www.instagram.com/f8documentary/

Claire Thomas’s work is at the Xposure International Photography Festival in the UAE

Photojournalist Claire Thomas ‘s work focuses on issues surrounding political and military conflicts, human rights, and humanitarian and environmental crises. Claire is also a frontline photojournalist who has extensively covered the war in Iraq.

In the Xposure exhibition, Claire presents a series of photos from the frontlines war against ISIS in Mosul. A link to the online exhibition is here:

During the Xpose festival, Claire will also be giving a talk about her work in Iraq and her journey from rural Wales into frontline photography.

To see more of Claire Thomas work: https://www.clairethomasphotography.com/