Photojournalism Hub in Conversation with Danny Burrows

On Sunday the 7th of August, Safeena Chaudhry from the Photojournalism Hub was in conversation with multi awarded photographer and journalist Danny Burrows.

Danny was the editor in chief of the pan-European magazine Onboard until 2013, when he left to dedicate himself to his freelance photography and writing work. In 2015, Danny began a long-term project documenting the refugee crisis in Northern France, entitled ‘Indeterminate State’. The project received wide recognition with photographs published in The Guardian, The Express, Huck Magazine, and prints were exhibited at Wells Arts Contemporary Exhibition.

Since August 2018 Danny has been shooting a long-term project entitled TOGETHER (A)PART, which documents the pacifist Anabaptist Christian community of The Bruderhof that practices a unique community of goods and wealth and devotion to god in 23 cloistered communities around the world. TOGETHER (A)PART has been well received both inside and beyond the photographic community, with a long form photo essay published in the Sunday Times Magazine in August 2019; an image was selected for the 2018 YICCA Contemporary Arts Exhibition, in Palermo, where it won a silver medal; A photograph was selected for the KLP International Portrait Prize and exhibited world wide; The project received a Coups de Coeur de L’ANI at the 2019 Visa Pour L’Image and was a finalist at the 2019 Prix Regnier Award in Paris.

Danny is currently seeking support to realise a book of the project TOGETHER (A)PART, which with unprecedented access, he is sharing touching photographs that documents the lives of the Bruderhof communities. Having the book published would offer inspiration for alternative ways of living in our world of perpetual war, hyper-consumerism and mass consumption as well as finding a more valued connection with each other as well as very valued historical testimony of this very reserved religious community.

If you would like to support this extraordinary unique document that describes the realms of ‘another life’ – their rejection of personal property, wealth and technologies, a commitment to god and non-violence – then please share this extraordinary story, and help to make this book a reality HERE

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To contact Danny Burrows directly:

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©Angela Christofilou

Jamie Clark, photographer and Photojournalism Hub Associate is in conversation with actress, voice over artist and photographer Angela Christofilou.

In this podcast, Angela shares her photography career and her inspiring path to visual narrative. She describes how she began photographing, how she has found empowerment through photography and how she believes this can be a powerful tool for other women, too.

Angela is also sharing insight into her important and ongoing work covering protests, a body of work that is archive at Bishopsgate Institute.

To see her work: Website Instagram

©Angela Christofilou


Mother tied up her daughter – Esso Award Finalist Picture ©Erica Dezonne

In this podcast, freelance photojournalist Erica Dezonne is in conversation with Jamie Clark, our podcaster and photographer. Originally from Brazil and based in London, Erica is sharing her fascinating journey into capturing world events, news and stories through the camera lens. Erica’s career sees her working through the fast and challenging world of news for the RAC Group in Campinas, which is one of the biggest media company in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, all the way to reporting on the street of London. Her photography work has gained recognition in various awards finals, including the prestigious Esso final Award in 2011. Erica’s innate curiosity and passion that transpires in her reporting is splendidly summarized in her own words “with my Finnish heritage I had the bravery and courage to leave my comfort zone in Brazil and face what the world is saving for me. IG & Twitter: @ericadezonne #ericadezonne

Prostitutes after police enforcement ©Erica Dezonne

Podcast by photographer, videographer Jamie Clark,


In this podcast, photojournalist and documentary photographer Hannah Mornement is interviewed by Jamie Clark about her photographic work The Road to Mote and her journey as a photographer.
Through discussing her long form powerful project The Road to Mote and her personal journey into photojournalism and documentary photography , Hannah shares her working methods and she lets us into the intricacies of working as a photojournalist today. Her passion for humanitarian issues and her years’ long experience of working in challenging environments from Antarctica to Africa has led her to work alongside many international charities and NGO’s documenting complex humanitarian issues. In this podcast, Hannah talks about her photo stories of people relying on food banks in the UK, of children living in orphanages in Eastern Europe, of famine and food security in Africa, as well as discussing her role and the role of photojournalism in documenting social issues today. IG & Twitter: #hmornement @teapot_one

Podcast by photographer, videographer Jamie Clark,


The Photojournalism Hub Live Mini Talks: a series of conversations with photojournalists and practitioners on their work and on their experiences to share useful advices and insightful know-how on photography and current topics.

Cinzia D’Ambrosi, founder/director of the Photojournalism Hub is in conversation with Asha Mukanda, activist, writer and executive assistant of the Open Institute in Kenya. The conversation surrounds the impact that the current pandemic is having on the existing issue of health disparities and police brutality in Kenya.

Cinzia D’Ambrosi (Photojournalism Hub) with Asha Mukanda

Photographer and Photojournalism Hub collaborator Carli Adby in conversation with Cinzia D’Ambrosi, founder and director of the Photojournalism Hub discussing ongoing and future engagement programme of the PJH including an ongoing call for photographers and journalists on injustices and inequalities laid bare by Covid-19 and the Photojournalism Nights, an event dedicated solely to photojournalism.

Cinzia D’Ambrosi (Photojournalism Hub) with Carli Adby

Carli Adby from the Photojournalism Hub is in conversation with Suzanne Plunkett from Women Photograph discussing under representation in the photography industry and how we can lift the voices of ourselves and those around us, particularly those who otherwise are overlooked.

In Conversation with Suzanne Plunkett, Women Photograph – 12/06/20

Carli Adby and Suzanne Plunkett

 ‘Covering conflict in Iraq’ – in conversation with Claire Thomas –  29/05/20 

Cinzia D’Ambrosi (Photojournalism Hub) and Claire Thomas

‘Being a photojournalist on the frontlines’ – in conversation with Felipe Paiva –  16/05/20 

Cinzia D’Ambrosi (Photojournalism Hub) with Felipe Paiva

Cinzia D’Ambrosi, founder and director of the Photojournalism Hub introduces an ongoing series of mini Talks, live conversations on Insta with various practitioners to share useful and insightful topics.

Cinzia D’Ambrosi, Photojournalism Hub

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