We have invited a number of editors and media organisations to join us in the Photojournalism Nights to offer publishing prizes and media support.

Very pleased to welcome Silvia Pingitore, the founder and  Editor-in-Chief of The Shortlisted Magazine , who has offered to select and feature one of the presented projects at the Photojournalism Nights on The Shortlisted Magazine.

Silvia Pingitore, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Shortlisted Magazine

Silvia Pingitore is a multilingual journalist, novelist and illustrator with three books published nationwide in Italy, her native country. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Shortlisted Magazine, the UK’s 1st Independent Career Magazine: nothing but the truth about work and career. The magazine reunites the best international career writers and bloggers, and publishes tips, how-tos, artworks and frank interviews with celebrities such as Giorgio Armani and the winners of the BBC Apprentice, all focused on work and career. The Shortlisted Magazine | Facebook |  Twitter  LinkedIn

Will Carleton, Founder and Editor of Photo Archive News

We have also asked Will Carleton, founder and editor of Photo Archive News to join as a media partner to the Photojournalism Nights.  We are thrilled that he has accepted and  has also offered to  feature a selected project in their media website.

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More on Photo Archive News: – Founded and Edited by Will Carleton (PAN) reports editorial photo industry news, jobs and features – daily.  The site is read by photo agency and photo library owners and staff, photo editors and creative photo buyers, editorial and stock photographers and photo researchers.

Genesis Imaging has  worked for over 20 years  with world-class photographers and artists, international galleries, museums, interior designers, architects and individuals across the breadth of the creative industries to deliver a wide range of projects through our diverse range of services.

Designed by the award-winning architecture studio Liddicoat & Goldhill, Elephant West occupies a repurposed petrol station adjacent to the BBC’s former headquarters on Wood Lane. We aim to establish a new model for cultural spaces; neither publicly funded nor a commercial gallery, we support and promote emerging creative practice and build a community of the culturally interested around our programme. The space includes a café-bar, Fuel, and a small shop offering limited-edition prints, books, magazines and associated products. Elephant West programme centres on the Elephant Commissions, projects by emerging visual artists selected and curated by Becca Pelly-Fry, Head Curator.  Alongside the central programme, the space plays host to a wide range of events such as film screenings, dance performances, panel discussions, inspirational talks, yoga classes and DJ nights.

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