‘Helping others through images’: Photojournalism Hub launches at White City

by George Hope

16 November 2018

Cinzia D'Ambrosi hugs attendee of photojournalism event

A new community-led Photojournalism Hub launched at Imperial’s White City Incubator this week.

The not-for-profit Hub, founded by local resident Cinzia D’Ambrosi, aims to generate concrete positive outcomes for vulnerable communities and individuals through the tool of photojournalism, whilst supporting the development and the dissemination of photojournalism work. 

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Image credit: (left) Giovanna del Sarto (right) Wamaitha Ng’ang’a

Geometry prize and photojournalism hub: News from the College


Calling all photographers! Got a photo project you’re working on, but in need of help in getting sponsorship so you can exhibit your shiny new prints?

Well you’re in luck, Photographer Cinzia D’Ambrosi is hosting a workshop on ‘How to Fund your Photography Project’ on the 30th November at Petit Miracles in Shepherds Bush. The Workshop is a great opportunity to explore and learn of the various routes for funding a photography project and how to successfully market photographic skills as a business. To read more Here


Open entry for photo stories to be feature on the Photojournalism Hub.  Please send a link and a short description:


By Khalila Early-Zald

©Khalila Early-Zald
©Khalila Early-Zald
©Khalila Early-Zald – Praying for Justice

Pain and hopelessness comes from not being accepted or seen as worthy. Too many times the system in the United States has excluded Black, Indigenous, Latinx, People of Color, women non-binary, and LGBTQ+ folks from the American agenda of freedom, acceptance, and access to getting ones needs met. We pray for a system and world that doesn’t kill our loved ones because of teachings that Black people are criminals. Praying for a world where trans people can get surgeries or change their name on their ID without being looked at differently or denied. Praying for a world where LGBTQ+ men and women can receive health care equally. Praying for a world that doesn’t see people as other, and instead sees everyone, accepts everyone, and a world where we can come together as a community in unity.

Here are some organizations in Nashville that focus on making Black, Indigenous, Latinx, LGBTQ+ people feel accepted and protected:
@mashup.nation – Mashup founded by Brian Marshall and Justin Lofton is a non profit that provides health care resources to LGBTQ+ men of color in Nashville as well as resources for health care professionals
@nashvillelaunchpad– Nashville Launch Pad provides street free sleep to youth from ages 18-24 specifically focusing on affirming LGBTQ+ youth
@blissandthetrashplants– Bliss and the Trash Plants is a community organization run by Bliss Cortez focusing on getting Queer, Trans, BIPOC folx needs met sustainably with the community through grocery/wellness kits and plants.

©Khalila Early-Zald Following the year of too many killings of Black, Trans, Queer folks by the police. Teenage activists spoke up this summer with two vigils and protests where we remembered George Floyd, Brenna Taylor, Daniel Hambrick, Riah Milton, and Elijah McClain, Tony McDade, Dominique Fells.
©Khalila Early-Zald
©Khalila Early-Zald

Khalila Early-Zald

No more police brutality

Photos by Deniz Turk

Another death at the hands of police brutality and the world goes on fire: enough is enough. People have descended to the streets demanding justice for George Floyd, who died on May 2nd in Minneapolis, Minnesota after white police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes while handcuffed and lying face down on the street. The life of another black person so unjustly and mercilessly cut short has touched hearts and angered of millions of people around the world. Large numbers of demonstrations organised by Black Lives Matter and many more globally have demanded justice and the end of police brutality in remembrance for the many who have died because of the colour of their skin.

published on 27th June 2020

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IG: @DenizTurkk

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